Thursday, 18 August 2016

Tango by Aftelier Perfumes

I’ve been looking forward to this week’s perfume of the week as I covet Mandy Aftel’s perfumes.  In fact I hide them and only bring them out for special occasions so having the office smell of Aftel’s Tango this week has been like a guilty pleasure.

Tango – quite different to anything we usually spray.  It is smoky, spicy with hints of citrus.  It is dirty, leathery with a big shy floral.

It can be worn day time, night time, any time and with cosy autumnal jumpers, ball gown or bikini, it just seems perfect and indigenous every occasion and mode.

It features champaca (our aroma of the week) but it isn’t overly floral whatsoever.  The more apparent aromas are the ginger, choya (a species of frankincense), coffee, tobacco and tonka.  If I had to sum it up I’d say it’s smoky-dirty-pretty …and quite frankly I adore it.

I love Mandy’s description that she wanted to convey the naughty eroticism of a night of drinking, dancing and smoking – and in our opinion that is exactly what she has achieved with Tango.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Sweet Morphine by Ex Nihilo

This week we have been wearing Sweet Morphine by Ex Nihilo.

Whilst we have all enjoyed wearing it, we did keep thinking we could smell a mixture of medicine and flowers.  Imagine Calpol bottle hidden in a bouquet and you’ll have Sweet Morphine to a T.

With hefty floral notes of lilac, iris, mimosa (our aroma of the week), heliotrope and rose the floral is strong and obvious, unlike the bergamot that gets a nano-second of enjoyment as the perfume is sprayed.

The perfume settles nicely and the floral Calpol is softened by vanilla, vetiver and patchouli giving it an almost creamy woody flourish as it fades.

If you like lilac, then this is definitely one you should try.  If you don’t like lilac but enjoy other florals then try this one too.  It is silky and well-mannered sitting on the skin in an attentive fashion without trying to steal the limelight.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Poison Girl by Christian Dior

The original Poison fragrance from Dior launched over 30 years ago (oh that makes us feel positively ancient!) has become legendary and a fragrance that you either loved or loathed!  So when Poison Girl appeared on the radar we were very keen to discover how it related to the original and more importantly would we all like it......

Our first encounter is a sweet floral aroma courtesy of vanilla, tonka bean (our aroma of the week) and a floral note that isn't quite identifiable but we are assured that rose, orange blossom and heliotrope are there.  This is quite a powerful aroma, as was the iconic original, so a little goes a       v-e-r-y long way.... too much of this would become cloying, a bit over whelming and probably annoy your colleagues if constantly applied throughout the day.  

As for the comparison to the original, (if you've never experienced it you really must!) we can detect elements that made the first version so unmistakably identifiable to all that came within sniffing distance but in a lighter and juicier combination.  Although not immediately noticeable lemon and bitter orange cut through the sweet notes, resulting in a perfume that we are all happy to wear. Hoorah!

If you ask anyone over a certain age if they like Poison perfume you will get a very definitive and immediate answer one way or the other, but Poison Girl we think will have a much wider appeal and we are happy to give it space on our dressing tables.  

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Moonlight In Heaven By Kilian

A new fragrance this year from Kilian, Moonlight in Heaven is described as a bright and exotic scent. We hope to be transported to a place of peace and calm, perhaps feeling like a goddess along the way.....

With top notes of grapefruit, lemon and pink pepper we expect a zingy fresh opening - Sally took the lead on this one and had the first spray.... her initial comment was "oohh! car sick - old car sick".
Needless to say the rest of us were a little wary..... however in the name of all things fragrant we ploughed on.

Thankfully the rest of us didn't share Sally's initial thoughts (phew!) and the comments included fruity, coconut and milky.  The coconut element (our aroma of the week) is quite prominent and adds a sweet note, alongside mango and as the perfume settles we get more sweetness from tonka bean. It is a light and gentle fragrance, not one that will shout your arrival from the rooftops but not everyone wants to make a huge entrance.

Opinion is divided on this one - some think it safe and timid, others are quite keen but sadly none of us are adding it the shopping list for this year's duty free visit at the airport.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mr Burberry by Burberry

The presentation of this fragrance brings images to our mind of a gentleman wearing a top hat and sporting the most splendid moustache!  The fabric making the 'moustache' is that from which Burberry make their trench coats - a nice touch. Launched in April 2016 and described as the masculine version of My Burberry (2014).

Top notes of grapefruit, taragon and cardamon (our aroma of the week) give a very fresh, herbaceous, shower clean opening and our initial thoughts were that it was bright, fresh, aquatic although quite similar in style to many other aquatic/outdoorsy gents fragrances, however we continue to sniff and await developments....

The zesty element quickly moves on, heart and base notes of beautiful woods such as cedarwood, guiaic wood and green notes of birch leaf give a soft and subtle dry down - very, very subtle.... in fact I only know those aromas are in there because I read it - not because the individual notes stand out, and after less than an hour the aroma has faded so much I can barely detect it.  This isn't in any way unpleasant, but I'm having to get very close to my left wrist in order to smell it - perhaps that's the whole idea, you have to get up close and personal with the person wearing it?  It's pleasant and unlikely to offend anyone, a follower rather than a leader, but definitely not very memorable.

As perhaps the first fragrance you buy for your teenage male relative this may well fit the bill.... as a signature scent for a more mature and confident man, questionable.....

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Neon Graffiti by Jazmin Sarai

A fragrance with a name such as Neon Graffiti doesn't give us much of an insight into what to expect by way of aromas, having read the description the idea behind it is the unification of two invisible mediums - music and smell - and their effect on our subconscious, so we were rather intrigued as to what would waft towards our expectant noses.....

The first impressions were rather confusing - minty powdery floral notes bombarded our senses with a bit of zest and spice for good measure.  The fragrance has top notes of grapefruit, bergamot and cardamom so our first sniff was quite perceptive, however the minty powdery element gives the feeling of using-mouth-wash-having-just-stepped-out-the-shower kind of clean feeling rather than igniting the thought of a musical tune in our heads.  Whilst not an unpleasant aroma at all the jury is our on whether mint in perfumes is a good idea.  For some it is too much like a foot spray or toothpaste!

As the fragrance settles to heart notes of jasmine, mimosa, ivy (our aroma of the week) and sunflower accord it becomes a more floral green fragrance anchored by subtle woods changing for the better we feel ....but the mint is still there and a little overpowering for our liking.

So for a fresh, bright, clean and uplifting aroma it absolutely hits the spot and perhaps, as the name suggest, certain elements of the aroma stand out bright and bold...... but not one of our favourites this time.


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Fracas by Robert Piquet

Today I am wearing Fracas by Robert Piquet.

I smell tuberose, with notes of tuberose and a layer of tuberose.  As the tuberose settles on my skin, more tuberose comes through. I’m swamped with tuberose, drowning in tuberose and am getting a tuberose headache.  It’s an overwhelming tuberose fest!

Heavy, thick, soporific, creamy and undeniably in-your-face but in a strange way I find it wonderfully sensuous.  I remember wearing it to a party once and I received three comments about how sexy it smelt.  Sadly those offering the ‘sexy’ comment up to me made me feel dirty and wanting rather than stylish and carefree so beware the perfume won’t necessarily give you the reactions you might want.

It is an intoxicating Femme Fatale so wear it with caution.